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Now manage web forms can be easier!

With an easy drag & drop interface that will help you create online forms, surveys, invitations and more.

See core features

Create forms in minutes

Create forms right from your browser in just a few minutes. No coding knowledge is needed. Just drag and drop.

Publish anywhere

All forms can be embedded easily in any web page, including Wordpress, Drupal, or any other CMS by pasting the provided HTML code.

Monitor your conversions

Track views, submissions, referrals, geographic data, abandonment rates & any other conversion-critical information of your forms performance.

Highlight Features

Drag & Drop Form Builder

PixForm uses an advanced Drag & Drop interface. Just "drag" and "drop" a field wherever you want it to be. Drag & Drop technique is easy, convenient and simple to use during your form building. With our drag and drop form builder no code knowledge is required.

Multi-Step Forms

Got long forms on your website? Break them up into smaller logical sections and convert them into multi-step forms with cool progress bars.

Email Notifications

Receive email notifications when somebody fills out your web form. Notifications help you stay connected to form users at any time!

Rule Builder

Designed to create conditional rules and understand the logic you want to apply to your forms as easy as creating simple sentences. You don't need any coding skills for show/hide or enable/disable form fields, skips steps or perform math operations.

Form Analytics

Our in-app analytics tool help you understand the performance of your forms. Each form will show details of unique views, when began filled, conversion rate, and abandonment rate. Plus top referral sites, user locations and much more.

User Management

Need your clients to access the data collected by the forms? You can setup individual permissions for each user on each form. Yes! For each form a user can access to the submissions manager, report and analytics.

Core Features

PixForm designer can help you create all type of forms.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Just click and drag the fields you want to add over your form.

HTML5 Fields

Create responsive forms with HTML5 fields in minutes!

Multi-Step Forms

Use Page Breaks to break your form in several pages and let your users fill out by steps.

Bootstrap Layouts

Vertical, horizontal and Inline. You can use the 3 Bootstrap CSS layouts.

File Upload

Allow your form users attach a file to their form submission with the File Upload field.

Field Validation

Make sure you get the right data with ajax and sever validations.


Protect your form from spammers & bots by using Google reCaptcha.

Embed images and videos

Embed Youtube Videos, Maps, and Widgets into your Forms.

Spam Protection

Alternative to reCatcha, block unwanted spam with honeypot trap.

Submission Limit

Limit the total of submissions by IP or Period of Time

Auto deactivation

Easily limit how many entries a form will accept or set a date to limit its access.

Save & Resume later

Many questions for now? Give your users a practical solution with this great option.

Custom confirmation or Redirection

You decide how to inform your users that the form has been successfully submitted.

Email Auto-Responder

If you like, you can send a confirmation email to your users

Custom CSS & JavaScript

Customize your forms to detail. Use Themes, jQuery plugins and more!

Advanced CSS Editor

With syntax highlighting, validation and automatic indentation.

Form Live Preview

Select your form and see CSS changes in real time.


Choose a template and create a form with one click.

Templates Categories

Organize your templates by category.

Template Promotions

Promote your favorite templates to keep them at your fingertips.

Submission Manager

A Quick and easy way of viewing, editing and deleting your form's submissions.

Alert New Submissions

Quickly identify submissions you haven't seen yet.

View Submission Details

View every detail of the information sent by your users.

View Sender Information

Know your users' information (Google Map included).

Edit each submission

Updates the information sent by your users.

Export submissions

Export submissions in standard CSV format and work with the data on MS Excel.

Instant Notification

Get notifications at the time a submission is performed.

Multiple recipients

Send the notifications to different e-mails.

HTML / Plain Text Email

Select the option your mail client requires.

File Attachment

If your form has file upload, you can also attach them to your post.

Custom Sender Address

If your form has an email field, you can use your users information as the sender of your email.

Secure SMTP Support

To be ensure you receive all your mail, we offer SMTP support.

Multiple Rules

Create the conditional logic you need and provide a better experience to your users.

Multiple Conditions & Actions

All, Any or None conditions must be fulfilled to perform an action.

Show / Hide Fields

Show / Hide Fields or Enable / Disable form fields.

Math Operations

Use the 4 basic operations or combine them to create percentages or other more complex operations.

Skip Steps

Go directly to the required step based on conditions you've created.

Intuitive Interface

Make conditional logic without programming.

4 Chart types

Row, Bar, Donut and Pie charts are supported.

Interactive Charts

Interact with graphics in a very simple way: with a click.

Move & Resize any chart

Change the size of your charts is very easy, just drag and drop.

Form Performance

Improve the form and increase conversion rate.

Submission Analytics

Know how many visits are made before your users send the form and more.

Google Analytics add-on

Track each form in different Google Analytics accounts.


Sets the application user's profile to provide a better experience.

PayPal Payment Forms

Create PayPal order forms with our simple drag-and-drop form builder.

AWeber n Mailchimp SignUp Forms

Allows you to create signup forms, so you can grow your subscriber list.

CSV Data Validator

So useful to validate coupons, license keys, IDs, specific values, etc.

Everything you need to setup a form.

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